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Enlightened Self-Interest

Clownissa Explains it All

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The Algernon Project
Hate me for who I am.

Best of Quakehead (aka memories).

There is a lot of friends-only action going on here lately. Also, I save the good stuff for a particular dive on IRC, but you cannot follow me into that den of evil, for I fear that you could never understand it...

I'm trying to reach out and establish some connections here. If you can stand to add me, then I may even add you back, be cause of the cause that I am like that.

And now... some explanation of me:

  • My parents are fundamentalists. I am not.
  • I am a recovering(?) Quake addict (being employed helps).
  • I don't have a degree (though I do have 10 years in and out of college).
  • It could be said that I'm a little too "open-minded" but I'm not sure what that means.
  • I don't tolerate BS well.
  • I think everything is BS.
  • Given infinite time & energy compressed into a moment, I should love to spend it explaining to everyone why they are wrong about everything.

a-jehovahism, achewood, adaptation, agnosticism, ambient, ambient music, analysis, analysis paralysis, aqua teen hunger force, artificial intelligence, assemblage 23, assimilation, atheism, automation, being, being ignorant, bicycling, biology, blake's 7, books, bookstores, brains, brainstorming, cartoons, causality, childfree, chillout, chocolate, choice, complication, consciousness, cooperation, costumes, cron, cynicism, determinism, dfw, discovery, doom, doubt, doug stanhope, dune, electronica, electronica music, environmental science, exploration, flash, futurama, gadflies, game design, geek girls, getting ahead, halloween, hard sci-fi, health, health nuts, health nuttery, hostile universe, iconoclasts, ideas, imagineering, inconsistency, industrial, industrial music, intelligence, intentional communities, intentional living, irc, larry niven, laughing at myself, life extension, longevity, lucid dreaming, lucid dreams, mad science, manipulating myself into productivity, meme infection, mindfucks, most extreme elimination challenge, motivation, nature, neuroscience, nietzsche, nintendo, nonconformity, paralysis, personal growth, pharyngula, philosophy, playing dress-up, power trips, procrastinating, psychology, purpose, quake, quakec, quantum physics, questioning, questioning authority, questioning everything, questioning questioning, reading, red dwarf, ringworld, ruining things, running, sci-fi, science, science fiction, self-deprecation, sensory deprivation, sensory overload, sex, shaun of the dead, shoegaze, simplicity, simplification, skepticism, snog, star trek, star trek ds9, star trek tng, stress management, suicide, techno-progressivism, teen titans, tennis, texas, the perry bible fellowship, thinking, time, trainspotting, transhumanism, treadmills, understanding, unmentionable things, vasectomy, vegetarian, vegetarianism, vegetarians, vhemt, vicarious power trips, walking, weight training, whatever makes you happy, women, writing

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